Sunday, 5 October 2014

Zoella Beauty

As many of you may know the blogger and youtuber Zoe Sugg, from Zoella, has released a range of beauty products known as Zoella Beauty. The range is aimed around relaxing and pampering yourself which is something Zoe loves to do at home. 

All products are priced between £5 and £8, making them affordable for everyone. The packaging is beautiful and attractive which is an added bonus, making the products feel even more luxurious.

When I popped into Superdrug last week I picked up 'Fizz Bar' (£5) and 'Blissful Mistful' (£8). These products smell amazing

'Fizz Bar' is a fragrant bath fizzer which is designed as a bar so you can break off as many pieces as you like and pop them into your bath. It is suggested to drop 1 or 2 cubes into warm running water to start the fizzing process. This bar is fresh and fragrant; perfect for a relaxing, evening bath.

'Blissful Mistful' is a fragrant body mist with a sweet and floral fragrance which is not overpowering. This product is perfect for teenage girls and priced at just £8 is really affordable. 

Other products in the range include a candle (£5), a body lotion (£5), a bath soak/shower cream (£5) and two makeup-bags/pencil cases [Eyes and Guinea Pig] (£8). 

Products are available online at and online and in store at Superdrug


Charlie xx


  1. I bought the body mist also along with 2 other products and I love it! Smells so nice! xoxo