Saturday, 3 January 2015

Lush Haul

Lush products are some of my favourite bath and shower products out there. When they had a 50% off sale after Christmas I went a bit crazy, so I thought I would share with you what I got. 

1. Christmas Hedgehog // Bubble Bar (£1.65)
'Soften skin and prickly moods this festive season. Crumble under running water for mounds of bubbles and a moisturising soak.'

2. Dashing Santa // Bath Bomb (£1.45)
'The citrus essential oils in this satsuma-scented bath bomb will put a spring in your step. Drop into the water and watch Santa fly.'

3. Melting Snowman // Bath Melt (£1.10)
'Melt away festive fatigue with this cocoa butter bath melt. Drop into your bath water to soften up.'

4. Yog Nog // Soap (£2.00)
'Give skin a drink of soap made with soya yoghurt and a fudgy blend of festive spices. Lather on, then put on your Christmas knits.'

5. Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds // Bubble Bar (£2.35)
'Patchouli and frankincense give it an exotic, hypnotic fragrance that helps you relax. This melts into your bathwater, turning the water sky-blue dotted with foam clouds.'

6. So White // Bath Bomb (£1.75)
'This brings a crisp, fresh aroma of a juicy apple to your tub. Pop it in the bath and watch it fizz, releasing softening baking soda and the uplifting oils of bergamot and neroli.'

7. Sakura // Bath Bomb (£1.75)
'Noriko, one of our product inventors, hails from Japan and this beautiful Bath Bomb represents what it’s like to be in a park while the breeze blows through the blossoms in the trees.'

Charlie xx


  1. I always go to Lush and smell all the things but somehow never buy anything because I just can't decide! But I definitely should get something soon!

    1. Go for it. I love the bubble bars because you get about 3/4 baths out of them. Everything smells so delicious as well! :) x